Services Performed In Pinellas and Pasco Counties

Providing services for Pinellas and Pasco County of Florida. Community Give Back services for Donations

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I'm the Founder/Director/Ceo of Community Give Back

Whom God has given me everything. Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding Through Jesus Christ. Ask and it will be given, If we believe and confess with the mouth, then it will come true. He is the one who makes us so everything goes to God.


The back drop of the idea is to do the services being completed, and Nogotiate Fairly on what the customers believe the job is worth.

Donations After the services being performed are completed.


All services include are are not limited to:



*Garden Reinforcement

*Auto Front Axles

*Auto Rear Axles


*From Diesels to Gas Engines


*Yard Clean Up

*Exterior Touch Up

*Stucco Pachtes




*MotorCycle Tech/Diesel Car Tech


* Four Stroke Tune-up

* 2-Stroke Tune-up

* Carb Synch/adjust Yamaha 1100

* Swing Arm & Brakes(XVS 650 yamaha)

* Steering Head Service(XL Sportster)

* Tune up(EN500 Kawasaki)Screw&locknut(CM 400)

* Transmission(XR400)

* Clutch(VN 750)

* Cam R&R(VRT 1000)

* Shim Adj(CL 1800 Head)

* Rear wheel R&R(VZ 800)

* Front Fork Service(already off bike)

* Precision Measuring(small hole guage,Dial bore guage,T-guage,vanier caliper,micrometer,valve seat cutting set:

* Mechanical & CV Carb rebuild/cleaning

* Boring & Honing

* Metric & Standard Crankshaft(Rebuild & Truing)

* Bolt Extraction

* Thread Repair(Helicoil)

* Schematic Reading

* Safety Inspections/Shop safety

* Tire Balancing(Static)

* Brake Rebuild & Bleeding(Pump & Bleed)

* Noise Diagnosic/Problem Solving(CB 250 Rebel)

* Rebuild Engine(Tare Down/Set Back.CB250 Rebel)

* Wheels & Bearings/ Suspension & Steering

* Valve Seat Cutting/Recondioning

* Repair/Service Manuals

* Transmission Repair(inside case bearings,rear wheel shaft/clutch case assembly)2004 ChonScooter

Community Give Back was founded in the name of Jesus Christ to give back to families struggling or even who has a financial stability. Community Give Back is for everyone from Businesses to Home Owners and even people renting Apartments or Condos or Houses. Jesus Christ didnt discriminate against what type of work was thrown his way. If in fact its from the Lord its Meant to Be. Anything thought of good is from the Lord.